Carcassone, Pandemic, Munchkin, and Other Classic Tabletop Games are Coming to Nintendo Switch

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Given that the system is so well-suited to being played portably or at home, it’s a natural fit for board game-style experiences to come to the Nintendo Switch, with several classics now coming to the system over the next year.

During today’s Nintendo Direct, one of the more surprising announcements from Nintendo was that several tabletop game adaptations will be coming to the Nintendo Switch over the next year from Asmodee Games.

Specifically, the titles revealed during the Direct included Carcassone, which is expected sometime in holiday 2018 and brings over the classic tabletop game where players have to build medieval worlds using various tiles.

The rest of the games announced from Asmodee include PandemicMunchkinThe Lord of the Rings: Living Card Game, and Catan Universe, which will all be expected in 2019.

Each of the announced games will feature the ability to play either solo or with friends, while several of the announced games, such as Pandemic and Catan, will feature downloadable expansions and DLC that will allow players to try out different variants and play styles for each game.

As someone that has played many of these titles, seeing many of these tabletop classics coming to the Switch is certainly a no-brainer and should be perfect fits for the social experience that the Switch invites.

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