New Phantasy Star JRPG Unveils New Female (Probably) Character

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Sega has updated the recently-released countdown site that has been teasing a new Phantasy Star RPG.

The original illustration included in the website a few days ago featured a character covered by a full-face helmet. The new update changes that image with the one you can see above

The helmet has been removed, unveiling what appears to be a female character (you never know with this kind of art-style, but if I was a betting man, I’d say she’s female).

At the moment we don’t know her name, or which role she’ll play in the game, but she’s certainly cute.

On top of the characters, it also appears that constellations will have some kind of importance in the game.

We’ll know more soon, as the countdown indicates that the reveal will happen at noon Japan time on Tuesday, July 24th. At the moment we do know that the game will be for iOS and Android, so if you were hoping for a new Phantasy Star for consoles, unfortunately that’s not the case this time around.

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