Fear the Wolves Helps Out Players With Two Featurettes

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Two featurettes were shared on Twitter to give players an advantage when Fear the Wolves hits Steam Early Access this week. One of the videos focuses on the eponymous wolves in the game, and the other lists the benefits of the various consumables that players can use.

As players try to survive the radiation-ravaged Chernobyl, they will have to make decisions on how they will best handle the wolves that stalk them in the game.  The basic guidelines given in the first video are to avoid using too many resources killing the wolves, avoid packs of them, and use them to your advantage when they attack other players.

The other video features the consumables that players can find and use in the game. Typical ones like food and drink are included, but others like vodka and painkillers are revealed. In the game, guzzling down some vodka will give you some protection from radiation for sixty seconds, but it will also leave you with a drunken sway. The painkillers will give you a little protection from explosives and firearms, and they can even cure a broken leg.

Fear the Wolves’ closed beta just finished, and it did not go as smoothly as the developers were hoping according to a post on Steam. They say that they are working to improve upon the big issues that players have reported so far, and the closed beta will open again tomorrow morning to test the updates.

You can check out the featurettes below, and you can grab Fear the Wolves on July 18th in Steam Early Access.


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