Fossil Hunters Proves It’s Not Extinct, Arrives on the Nintendo Switch with a Launch Trailer

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If you’re still hungry for more dinosaur action after the release of Jurassic World Evolution earlier this month, well, you should probably see a doctor. Regardless, you’re in luck, as Reptoid Games’ action-adventure games entitled Fossil Hunters has been released for the Nintendo Switch along with a new trailer.

Developed after the conclusion of a successful Kickstarter campaign, Fossil Hunters was initially released back in February for PC and Mac. Operating predominantly as an adventure game, Fossil Hunters’ central gameplay loop tasks players with exploring dig sites, finding fossils, and assembling those fossils in a variety of ways. While players can simply shuffle a few fossil fragments together, the game rewards players for creating bigger structures with their fossils, incentivizing more ambitious creations. However, through this exploration and construction, players must remain vigilant as there are all sorts of dangers lurking around each dig site.

Perhaps the coolest thing about Fossil Hunters is the way its gameplay loop glamorizes archaeology. Unlike games like Monster Hunter World, where the brunt of the gameplay is focused around combatting monsters (despite working for a Research Commision), Fossil Hunters’ gameplay is genuinely focused around exploring and researching. These aspects of the game seem to shine when paired with the game’s cooperative possibilities. The prospect of having some friends over to piece together fossils and explore cavernous dig sites is appealing on its own merits, not to mention a welcome break from hyper-competitive PvP games.

You can watch the launch trailer for Fossil Hunters below. The game is now available for PC, Mac, NVIDIA Shield, and the Nintendo Switch. The game is also headed to both the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One, however, no release window is known at this time.

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