Overwatch’s Adorable Hamster Hero Wrecking Ball Introduced With Origin Story Trailer and More

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Today Blizzard announced Overwatch‘s new hero Hamtaro… Ahem, I meant Wrecking Ball.

Following the announcement of the 28th hero of the game, the developer released two videos. The first is the now traditional cinematic origin story that shows what made the hamster Hammond into the Wrecking Ball he is today and the second is the equally-traditional developer update in which Game Director Jeff Kaplan explains everything there is to know about him.

Wrecking Ball is a tank who uses his own mecha to wreak havoc on the battlefield in either quadruped mode or ball mode, in which he can roll around destroying everyone in his path. The mecha itself is equipped with an adaptive shield that becomes more powerful depending on how many enemies surround it, and rapid-firing guns. It even comes with an AI, even if it’s not an Omnic.

Hammond himself landed near Junkertown from the Horizon laboratories on the Moon, and there he competed in their gladiatorial tournaments without revealing his identity. Yet, Kaplan is keen on clarifying that he is not a junker.

His ultimate is a minefield, and he is designed to be a “very disruptive, high-mobility tank.”

You can check him out below.

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