Muv-Luv Alternative’s 18+ Director’s Cut Patch Released

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Muv-Luv: Alternative, like the first chapter Muv-Luv, was released on Steam in its all-ages version to comply with the distributor’s standards, but originally it included a few bits of adult content.

After a long wait, the 18+ Director’s Cut Patch has been released today. We knew it’d come this month, but a precise release date was not revealed until now.

The patch is available via Denpasoft for $4.99, currently discounted to $4.49. Of course, those who backed the game will receive the update via their Kickstarter backerkit with no additional purchase required.

Incidentally, while the patch will allow you to experience the game as it was originally intended, the adult content removed from it was minimal.

Of course, the patch is available only for the PC version of the game, as the PS Vita version will never be patched. The adult content would breach’s Sony Interactive Entertainment’s certification rules.

If you want to read and see more about the games, you can check out our recent review of the main trilogy for PC, and watch quite a bit of gameplay of the PS Vita version. You should also read our interview with creator Koki Yoshimune.

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