PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds to Implement New Event Pass Rewards System This Week

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Coming off the news of the game’s massive sales figures and player base, it comes as no surprise that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has only continued to grow since launching on PC, Xbox One, and mobile, and now the game is preparing to offer a new method of earning its rewards later this week.

Over on the game’s official Steam Community page, developer PUBG Corp detailed that a new reward and progression system will be arriving in the massively popular Battle Royale title through a new system called the Event Pass.

As detailed in the developer’s post, the Event Pass will be integrated into PUBG on June 22nd, 2018 — the same day that the game’s latest patch and new map, Sanhok, will debut — and will provide players with a new method of earning and unlocking cosmetic items, aside from its current “crate and key” system.

Specifically, the Event Pass will provide a method of trackable in-game progress, while at the same time “allows you to unlock new content in PUBG in a way that is different from the crate and key system.” Players will be able to earn cosmetic items from the Event Pass in either a paid or unpaid fashion, though the methods of obtaining items work a bit differently.

Players that don’t opt to purchase the Event Pass will be able to earn cosmetic items temporarily (and can unlock one special item permanently), while those that purchase the pass will be able to unlock items permanently and also earn special exclusive items by completing challenges and “leveling up” the pass itself. Progress in the pass is always tracked, so players that opt into buying the pass later on during its timed events will earn all rewards that they would have unlocked by purchasing the pass.

The Event Pass itself will be active for about four weeks at a time, and will provide players the opportunity to earn in-game items through a variety of daily and weekly missions, alongside some specialized missions tailored for the upcoming Sanhok map’s release. The pass will also provide players with the opportunity to change their in-game name in PUBG, as well.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is available now on Xbox One, PC, iOS, and Android.

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