Anthem Receives a Litany of New Screenshots Following EA Play

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If you watched EA’s showcase event earlier this morning live from Hollywood, then there’s a good chance that you may have been tuning in to see Bioware’s upcoming title Anthem. While the game looked gorgeous in its new trailer, EA recently released a new set of screenshots for the game that further highlights the beautiful graphics.

Most of the new images for Anthem showcase the four distinct Javelin exosuits that players will be able to control. The Ranger, Storm, Interceptor, and Colossus Javelins can all be seen in the new screenshots and each exosuit will boast a different style of play.

Additionally, we get a look at some of the different enemies that Anthem will throw at you while also seeing some early concept art for the project. Also worth mentioning are some of the different locales and characters that we will likely run into over the course of playing the game.

You can find all of the new images for Anthem in the gallery below. In addition to all of these new images, the new trailer, and the new info that Anthem has received today, we also finally learned that we’ll be able to finally get our own hands on the title early next year on February 22. When it releases, Anthem will be coming to Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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