Wormhole Wars’ Next Playtest to Commence Next Weekend

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the Spread the word Wormhole Wars, fans! 1047 Games has recently announced the next playtest for upcoming title Wormhole Wars. 

This news comes from the official Wormhole Wars Twitter account, which has unveiled that the next alpha playtest will commence on Saturday, May 19. Although the developer has not confirmed how long the playtest will be or when the playtest will precisely begin, the developer has stated that the upcoming playtest times will accommodate fans that live in different time zones, specifically fans that reside in Australia and Japan.

Wormhole Wars is an upcoming multiplayer shooter developed and published by 1047 Games. Set in a science-fiction universe, Wormhole Wars gameplay features the strategic elements of portals mixed with the explosive gameplay found in the first-person shooter genre; a Halo meets Portal if you will.

With the game still in its Alpha stages of development, these frequent playtests allow the developers to refine the gameplay, and add new things to the game. Those interested in partaking in the upcoming (and future) playtests can snag a key for the game by joining the title’s community Discord server, where directions on how to redeem a key will be provided. It is also worth mentioning, that because this game is still in its development stages, there is a chance the title might be renamed.

I actually had a chance to play the game while at PAX East last month, if you would like a better understanding of what the game has to offer, check out my hands-on preview.

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