Short-Film/Game Paradox Kickstarter Has Already Surpassed Funding Goal

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You may have heard of the Rusty Lake series and their assorted collection of weird, weird adventure games. A new Kickstarter has gone up from our friends at Rusty Lake for Paradox: a Cube Escape game and short-film double feature. If you aren’t familiar with the Rusty Lake series, you can pick up the bundle for less than $8 on Steam right now.

Their latest venture, Paradox, promises to be a crossover between video game and short-film. The Kickstarter description of the project says:

We are shooting a short film based on Rusty Lake and also creating the tenth Cube Escape game alongside it! For this special project, we went back to the roots of Rusty Lake, developing a story which takes place in an escape-room setting where anything can happen. This is our most exciting project yet, and for the first time, you can really become part of a Rusty Lake project!

The movie will have around 15 minutes of screenplay, feature a cast of recognizable faces from the franchise, and will be distributed on YouTube following its release.

The project has 27 days to go, but that doesn’t really matter; it’s already reached the $17,957 goal, surpassing it so far by nearly $6,000 at the time of this writing. There’s still plenty of special pledge goals available if you’re interested in pledging to the game; I’m sure the folks at Rusty Lake wouldn’t mind having a few more backers.

As of right now, the Kickstarter states that there will be an estimated delivery date of August 2018, but we do not have a specific release date confirmed just yet as the game/film is still in its preliminary stages. The game will be point & click and feature two chapters, one free to play and one premium. The game is planned to release on iOS, Android, Steam and with language support for 14 different languages.

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