Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition Half-Life Costume DLC is Now Available Free to All Players

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While Final Fantasy XVI has been available for some time now on consoles, PC players finally got their hands on the game earlier this year alongside a delightful surprise from the Half-Life series, and now all players can become Gordon Freeman, courtesy of Square Enix.

Square Enix has announced that the Half-Life themed costume DLC for Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition has now been made available as a free download for all players of the game on PC.

Previously, the DLC was released as a purchase incentive for when the game came out on Steam a few months ago for a limited time, though now the Gordon Freeman HEV Suit will be available “indefinitely, for everyone, for free” from Square Enix following “popular demand” from fans playing the game.

The costume itself is available in both the single-player campaign and the Comrades multiplayer expansion for Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition, and aside from just the iconic Half-Life HEV suit, the DLC pack also includes Gordon’s signature glasses and crowbar to go with it.

Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition is available now on PC, while the game is also available for PS4 and Xbox One. The game’s Pocket Edition is also available now on iOS and Android.

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