Co-Op Racing Game Trailblazers Gets New Gameplay Trailer

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This week, publisher Rising Star Games released another gameplay trailer for their new cooperative racing game Trailblazers in which players work together and interestingly paint the track in order to win the race.

In this bright and colorful racing game, players create dynamic racing lines on the track by painting them their team’s specific color.  Staying on these lines helps boost the speed of their hover cars and helps their teammate’s speed as well by creating long chain trails. Players can also paint over their opponent’s lines and capture their track to deny them their boost. The trailer shows off some of the colorful gorgeous racing areas available.

There are multiple ways to play Trailblazers with some options being solo mode, partner races, and a full story campaign to discover.  Players can also play split-screen with friends locally or online.  The game’s Steam page even claims that they will be able to race cross-platform with other players around the world.

Trailblazers will be released sometime this spring for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Mac. You check out the color explosion in the trailer below:

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