LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 Runaways DLC Pack Officially Released

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If you still play LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 and you’ve been devouring each bit of DLC put out for the game then you’re about to get some more on your plate. Today developer Travellers Tales and publisher Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment officially announced that a DLC pack based on the popular Marvel comic and the TV show on Hulu has been officially released.

The pack includes the characters Nico Minoru, Chase Stein, Alex Wilder, Karolina Dean, Molly Hayes, Old Lace, and Gertrude Yorkes, as well as a level inspired by the comic book that takes place in Marine Vivarium, an underwater city located in Los Angeles.

Players can purchase the level right now on whichever platform you prefer for only $2.99. Of course, if you currently own the season pass for the game, you’ll be able to download the DLC completely free of additional charge.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 was released on November 14, 2017, and is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC.

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