Raiders of the Broken Planet New Campaign Hades Betrayal Releases

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The new standalone campaign to Raiders of the Broken Planet has been released. Titled as Hades Betrayal, it brings some radical changes to the entirety of the game. A visual redesign and other new game features have been added. Other features to the new content include four new story missions for single-player, 4-player co-op, or 4-v-1 Antagonist mode.

While offering a new redesign to its players, Hades Betrayal also brings changes to the progression and reward system that many were accustomed to. Ayana the privateer is also a new exclusive character, and Harec with his Raiders must convince Ayana to betray the powerful Hades Division. A doomsday weapon will shake the balances of power should General Krausher have the chance to deploy it, and Ayana is the only one who can help the Raiders stop him.

The game director for Raiders of the Broken Planet, Enric Álvarez, speaks on the changes made in the new addition:

The team has spent hundreds of hours reviewing gameplay data and listening to the fans’ advice, and all the changes we have implemented into the game have been directly influenced by that feedback…Introducing all those changes to the game while working on arguably our most ambitious campaign to date has been a monumental task, but the team has exceeded themselves. Raiders of the Broken Planet is now a very different proposition from the game we launched last year and a much better game as a result.

Readers more interested on changes to the new progression system for Raiders of the Broken Planet can watch Enric explain more in another video about the Hades Betrayal update.

Hades Betrayal has a price of $9.99, and can be found on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One platforms. Want to know more about Raiders of the Broken Planet and its new campaign, Hades Betrayal? Then check out the new release trailer below, or maybe gander at the official website for more Raiders of the Broken Planet information.

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