First 31 Minutes of The Banner Saga 3 Gameplay Revealed in New Video

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Today, Eurogamer released a video featuring the first 31 minutes of gameplay for The Banner Saga 3, the upcoming finale to the trilogy. In the video, they state that the gameplay footage was recorded while watching Stoic, the game’s developers, play the game at GDC. Since this is the finale of the trilogy, there are spoilers for the first two The Banner Saga games. 

The gameplay footage shows some of the choices that characters can make in the fantasy roleplay game right away at the start of the game with the mercenary clan, the Ravens.  This is followed by a battle featuring some of the game’s turn-based combat with commentary about possible strategy. The footage also shows Juno, the powerful mender, in action as a playable character for the first time in the series. You can check out the full 31-minute video below that also reveals some other new playable characters and more insight on battle strategies.

It was recently announced that The Banner Saga 3 will not only release this summer on PC and Mac but will also be available on Switch. The first two games in the series are going be available soon on Switch as well.

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