First Three Tomb Raider Games Will be Receiving Remasters on Steam

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The original three Tomb Raider games will soon be remastered and coming to Steam at some point in the future.

Developer Realtech VR will be in charge of bringing the games over to Steam. Previously, they have remastered Tomb Raider 1 and for mobile devices and are currently in the middle of bringing over the third game as well. The versions that will later appear on Steam will be remasters of these mobile editions of the Tomb Raider games.

Realtech quietly revealed that they would be remastering the games for Steam when responding to a question. Their tweet can be found as follows:

As you can see in their tweet, they also revealed that each of the three games will support OpenVR functionality to go along with a new 3D engine for all three titles. Perhaps the best news of all is that those who already own each of the three Tomb Raider games on Steam, you’ll be able to receive these remasters for free.

While the upcoming Tomb Raider movie is based upon Lara Croft’s most recent games, it’s good that we’ll be able to more easily visit her past adventures. As of now, the arrival of these three remasters for PC does not have a release date but we’ll keep you posted if that soon changes.

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