Two Point Hospital Receives First Gameplay Video with Developer Commentary

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Theme Hospital spiritual successor Two Point Hospital was unveiled by SEGA and Two Point Studios last month after their partnership teased almost a year prior. The game’s initial trailers did give a small glimpse at gameplay, but nothing too substantial. That’s changed today though, as the developers released a gameplay video with commentary.

The gameplay footage is actually what was shown off at the recent PC Gamer Weekender, but the commentary is all new, with Two Point Studios Co-Founders Mark Webley and Ben Hymers lending their voices for the video. The video begins with the developers setting up their new hospital. Normally, players will have to research things in-game in order to unlock them, but the developers bypassed that in this build in order to show off the game’s features smoothly.

They then begin to construct their hospital and hire staff to run it. Staff members also have their own needs and will even take breaks during to day, which will require more micromanaging from the player’s perspective. We also get a good look at the UI and differently overlays that the game will use. This gameplay video clocks in at just over eight minutes, and should leave Theme Hospital fans optimistic, as Two Point Hospital does seem to be a worthy successor.

You can check out the gameplay video below. Two Point Hospital will launch on PC later this year. If you want to learn more about the game, you can watch a previously release trailer where the developers explain their vision for the game.

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