Tiny Metal’s Latest Patch Brings New Maps, Balance Changes, and More

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Area 35’s Tiny Metal receives its first content update today and is available for all platforms. The developer released a new video explaining some of the changes that were made due to player feedback.

Patch 1.0.10 features three new maps, each with their own unique challenges and flash points to test your mettle. Additionally, Tiny Metal‘s Metalpedia — the game’s lore compendium — has also been updated with more information about the Hero Units. Lastly, some balance changes were made to the units, buildings, and the campaign’s difficulty.

In the video. the game’s producer and director Hiroaki Yura discusses the three new maps — which include Spit Fire, Sea of Trees, and Abandoned Park — designed to prepare you for the Tiny Metal‘s upcoming multiplayer mode. Spit Fire is a “small scale, but fun” map that will have players fighting for the location’s factory, an advantageous position in the center of the map. Sea of Trees is set in a large scale forest where you will use the terrain to give yourself the upper hand. Lastly, Abandoned Park will have players fight in a battle royale with everyone fighting to control the map.

Tiny Metal is a turn-based RPG inspired by the Gameboy Advance title Advanced Wars. Recently, we sat down with Yura-san where he discussed the game’s post-launch content.

Tiny Metal is available now on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam.

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