Muv-Luv for PS Vita Gets Development Update; Photonflowers Translation Project Started

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Today Ixtl made a few announcements on Kickstarter regarding the Muv-Luv project that has been through quite a few ups and downs, including the rights for publishing in the west going back from Degica to Ixtl itself back in Decemebr.

First of all, both Muv-Luv and Muv-Luv Alternative, that were removed from Steam during the baton pass between publishers, are going to return to Valve’s marketplace in February. Due to bureaucratic reasons, the games will be republished with new AppIDs.

Backers will get new Steam keys through BackerKit, while those who purchased the game from Degica but haven’t installed it yet, will have to go to the publisher’s customer support to sort it out.

Another relevant piece of news is about the physical PS Vita release of the two games. Both are now perfectly running on Sony’s console, and Ixtl mentioned that they’re “very close” to producing the cartridges. More info (and probably a release date) will come with future updates.

Last, but certainly not least, is that the translation project of Muv-Luv Photonflowers has started, and will span “the first few months of 2018.”  Photonflowers is one of two side-story collections originally released in 2014 alongside Photonmelodies. The collection includes some really interesting snippets of the complex setting of the franchise. For instance, Muv-Luv Alternative Chronicles Rain Dancers sees the appearance of Monica Giacosa, sister of Valerio Giacosa, from the Total Eclipse anime series. No release window was given, but considering how much I love Muv-Luv, I’m really happy to know that translation has begun.

As a bonus, below you can check out the splash art of Photonflowers. 

In other related news, the mobile/browser game Strike Frontier is scheduled to finally receive a much overdue crossover with Attack on Titan this month. Connoisseurs won’t be too surprised since Muv-Luv served as a major inspiration for the author of the popular anime and manga series.

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