Madden NFL 18 Commercial Is All About the Power of Xbox One X and Fish Guys

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Microsoft is continuing its campaign to advertise the power of Xbox One X associated with Madden NFL 18 by Electronic Arts, and today they released another related commercial.

Once more, they bring to bear Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch as he talks to his hand. This time around, after a quip on the power of the console, they get into an argument about a fish guy from Tokyo and phone rights.

It’s fairly funny, and as usual, it ends with the “plays best on Xbox One X” slogan.

You can check it out below. If you want to see more, you can also enjoy the previous commercial of the series, still starring  Lynch and his hand, and a recent accolade trailer for the Xbox One X published by Microsoft. Another major game which receive an enhancement update for the new console was The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, with definitely positive results..

If you want to learn more about Microsoft’s souped-up console, you can read our review and our analysis of its noise levels. More interesting reading comes from Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s comments, and some from Electronic Arts itself.

The Xbox One X has been released worldwide on November 7th.

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