Japanese PlayStation Developers Tease New Games and Projects, Promise New Info on Mobile Wild Arms

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One of the most creative arms of Sony Interactive Entertainment remains the Japanese home turf, and in a massive group interview on the Japanese site 4Gamer, quite a few developers in various roles teased what’s coming for them in 2018 and beyond.

Bloodborne Producer Teruyuki Toriyama, who recently worked on No Heroes Allowed! VR, teased that in 2018 he wants to take on new challenges such as the announcement of an ambitious game and the start of full-scale development of a new project in the concept phase.

Producer Masaaki Yamagiwa mentioned that after working Bloodborne, he has continued his activity behind the scenes. He’d like 2018 to be a year in which what he has been working on will bear fruit.

Gravity Rush Director Keiichiro Toyama mentioned that for him 2018 will be a time for him to continue with trial and error working towards a new game. Unfortunately, there won’t be a chance to provide new information for a while, but he intends to work every day keeping in mind the theme of coexistence of creativity and entertainment, and he hopes that fans can look forward to it in the long run.

Senior Game Designer Takamitsu Ijima, who recently worked on Knack and Knack II, mentioned that he thinks that 2018 will be “a time for sowing,” likely meaning that he’ll be doing preliminary work for games that will possibly be announced beyond next year.

LocoRoco Creator Tsutomu Kouno mentioned that there are many painful and sad events nowadays, and we are in a period of change. So he feels that people need more laughter to help overcome such painful times. While the PS4 remaster of LocoRoco and LocoRoco 2 were released in 2017, Kouno-san has not been able to release a completely new game for a while, but in 2018 he would like to announce a new title, and he’ll do his best to help heal the world a little.

Senior Producer Yusuke Watanabe, who also worked on Knack II, explained that 2018 will be a year of preparation, in which he would like to work ambitiously on new challenges.

Senior Producer Kentaro Motomura, who shipped Everybody’s Golf this year, teased new information coming in 2018 on the new Wild Arms mobile game announced in 2016 under the Forwardworks label, as well as unannounced games that he hopes to be able to introduce.

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