Azure Striker Gunvolt on 3DS Has Surpassed 250k Downloads

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If you’re a DualShockers reader then it’s no surprise about how pumped we get about Inti Creates’ 2D action title Azure Striker Gunvolt. We even covered the history of the studio and their new approach to focusing on the west as a market for their titles.

Today, Inti Creates revealed that Azure Striker Gunvolt 1 on Nintendo 3DS surpassed 250,000 downloads. The game was released as a digital-only title in 2014 as an eShop exclusive, and was then ported to PC in 2015. The game was kept digital-only until the release of the physical version of Azure Striker Striker Pack, which included Azure Striker Guvolt 1 and 2.

On their official Twitter, Inti Creates doesn’t mention the Striker Pack on 3DS or Nintendo Switch, so it’s assumed that these numbers only reflect the digital sales of the 3DS version.

Recently, we covered the Switch release of Azure Striker Gunvolt Striker Pack and how it improved both of the entries’ action with 6ofps and pro-controller support. Additionally, the upgraded illustrations and aspect ratio was also an improvement for the series.

Azure Striker Gunvolt follows the main character Gunvolt as he goes on missions and fights loads of enemies. The main mechanic in the game is using his gun which has the power to tag multiple enemies and unleash a homing lightning strike against them.

At this time, Inti Creates has not announced a follow-up to Azure Striker Gunvolt 2, but the studio recently revealed a new game, Dragon: Marked for Death for Nintendo Switch.

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